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University info

Keiser University offers learners an impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, and supports classes of which nearly 50 percent of classes have less than 20 students.

Students can experience quality classroom learning through a variety of delivery mediums including face to face and online, and hybrid. Students can easily communicate with their teachers and lecturers, who work hard to offer an immersive and practical learning experience.

According to Niche, 88 percent of students at Keiser say their professors put a lot of effort into teaching. 82 percent of students say that it's easy to get the classes they want, and 82 percent say the workload is easy to manage.

Keiser was initially founded because of the area's need for a practical career education. It attracts learners who look for a personalized educational environment that is enriched by industry equipment and technologies.

The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School and Commission on Colleges. It's active within advisory boards for each program, and curriculum, facilities and equipment are regularly reviewed to ensure students get the best education possible in their chosen areas.

Over 100 associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree programs are available to choose from, in a range of fields from business to hospitality. The curriculum is career-focused, and the university regularly reviews program content to ensure that it stays on top of industry development. Available programs cover:

  • Accounting, finance
  • Business, international business, entrepreneurship
  • Management, human resources
  • Automotive dealership
  • Cinematic arts
  • Criminal justice, political science
  • English for speakers of other languages
  • Hospitality
  • Golf management
  • Equine studies
  • Applied engineering, software engineering
  • Fire science, biomedical sciences
  • Transportation and logistics
  • General studies, interdisciplinary studies
  • Health care, nursing, chiropractic
  • Homeland security, cybersecurity
  • Information technology
  • Marketing, communications
  • Exercise science, sport management, sports medicine, fitness technology
  • Web and mobile development

To study at Keiser, international students need to meet the different entry requirements. This includes being able to write, read, and speak English fluently. The requirements are:

  • Successful completion of secondary-level school education (equivalent to U.S. high school)
  • Proof of finances that will cover tuition fees and other necessary expenses (or proof of qualifying for financial aid)
  • If students are not native English speakers, they must demonstrate proficiency and in the English language (a minimum DUOLINGO exam score of 95, TOEFL computer-based exam score of 173 or internet-based score of 61, or a minimum IELTS score of 6.0)

The university only accepts F-1 visas based on the chosen program of study. International students can apply through the admissions office and must submit their applications at least two months before the start of their programs. For students who can't meet the English language requirements, there is an Intensive English Language program they can take before their academic studies.

Transfer credits are evaluated on a course equivalency basis.

New programs at Flagship

There are a number of new programs now being offered from Keiser's Flagship Campus. These are:

  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
  • Master of Science in Golf Teaching and Learning
  • Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science
  • Associate of Science in Applied Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Analytics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an Esports gaming concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in animation and Game Design
  • Associate of Science in Turfgrass Management

There are also a number of new programs including athletics, e-Sports, fishing club, women's flag football and a clay shooting club team.


Keiser University continues to shine in national university and college ranking, gaining accolades such as:

The U.S. News & World Report ranked Keiser as:

  • Number one for social mobility in 2023 in the US, 1st in Florida

In 2022, Niche ranked Keiser as:

  • 17th for Best Online Colleges in the US
  • 14th best college in Florida
  • Number 29 best Hispanic serving Institution in the U.S.
  • 6th for Top Private Colleges in Florida
  • Forbes Magazine 2022 College Financial Grades Top 100
  • Money Magazine 2020 No. 12 for Best Value Colleges in America
  • Learfield Directors Cup – No 1 in NAIA 2021

Students at Keiser will finish their educational journey equipped with a range of skills that are highly valued by employer. The university aims to cultivate students that target in-demand and growth sections of a competitive global job market.

The university's career center is a great resource for students who want to prepare for career success. This center is based within the Keiser University Department for Student Services. Students can use the service to get tailored career advice for their industry or sector, as well as access a range of other services including:

  • Help with resumes
  • Interview techniques
  • Development workshops
  • Annual job fairs
  • On-campus recruitment
  • Online career center
  • Networking skills

The Student Services at the university also provides expert help with a range of other issues such as:

  • Managing student finances and other money matters
  • Professionalism and career readiness
  • Academic skills and study techniques
  • Managing yourself and your time

It also provides employment assistance for international students, whose success stories are many and which some of those can be viewed here.

Keiser University is a not-for-profit, career-focused university that serves international students from over 60 countries and has produced more than 68,000 alumni. The university boasts a 100-acre flagship campus which provides students with an active campus lifestyle due to its proximity to golf courses, the beach, and a city bustling with entertainment and culture.

According to the US News & World Report 2023 Best Colleges rankings, Keiser University ranks No.1 in Florida and No.284 in the national universities category and No. 1 in the Nation in US News and World Report for Social Mobility. ranks Keiser the 6th best private college in Florida, 9th best online college in the US, 3rd best online college in Florida and 6th best for student life in Florida. Money Magazine 2021 ranked Keiser the 12th best college in America by value.

Keiser University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and offers over 150 study options in areas including information technology, business, health care, hospitality, engineering, legal studies and more.

Keiser students are taught classroom theory and given the opportunity to gain experience on equipment they may use in their workplace, after graduation. The university's resources and technology prepare students for modern-day work challenges.

Keiser University has active advisory boards for each study option comprising of university alumni, industry experts, community leaders, and faculty. Advisory board members meet regularly to review curriculum, and more. Keiser has awarded nearly USD 76 million in scholarship funds to its students.

Accommodation options are available for students at both the Lakeside Residence and Stauffer Hall. Both residence halls are comprised of double or triple room suites, collaborative spaces and are located near campus amenities such as the outdoor swimming pool, the fitness center, gaming room, tennis courts, bookstore and Starbucks.

A variety of scholarships are in place to support high-achieving students and those who need financial aid. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in an associate, bachelor's, or master's program and meet other requirements.

Scholarships from the university include the Keiser Merit Scholarship Awards and Athletic Scholarship Awards. Private scholarships are also on offer from external partners for students who meet the criteria. Keiser's Financial Aid department can advise on where to find what's available and how to get more information. University awards depend on GPA scores and are renewable for four years. They include:

  • International Freshman Scholarship – up to USD 19,000 per year
  • Transfer Scholarships – up to USD 14,000 per year
  • Graduate School Scholarships – up to USD 15,000 per year

Total average cost:

Calculate your cost of living

Here are some useful links to take your research further. Our expert counsellors are also available to give you free and impartial advice on your study abroad options.

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