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As severe weather or blizzards threaten, this database aggregates power outage information from more than 1,000 companies nationwide. It will automatically update every 15 minutes.

King County, Texas power outages in last 15 days

Total tracked customers: 90

Power outages in last 72 hours

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% of Power Outages


Source: Utility companies' power outage maps

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Power outages in Texas

Area% of power outageNumber of outages reportedNumber of customers tracked
Polk County, TX87.523,81927,223
San Jacinto County, TX86.516,49019,071
Fort Bend County, TX68.1240,339353,054
Brazoria County, TX68.0118,239173,761
Jasper County, TX68.05175
Trinity County, TX67.47,51411,155
Waller County, TX66.611,08116,639
Montgomery County, TX59.6197,081330,894
Chambers County, TX55.214,02125,414
Galveston County, TX50.391,000180,909
Liberty County, TX46.422,20347,818
Wharton County, TX46.310,99723,775
Harris County, TX42.6901,1232,117,123
Austin County, TX36.86,84318,610
Matagorda County, TX35.95,91616,488
Walker County, TX31.510,86334,532
Tyler County, TX18.22,45013,472
Grimes County, TX13.92,62518,835
Madison County, TX10.61,61615,310
Colorado County, TX8.35326,398
Angelina County, TX5.82,64445,691
Jackson County, TX5.52574,649
Nacogdoches County, TX4.41,14726,016
Panola County, TX4.42766,245
Orange County, TX4.01,63741,441
Leon County, TX3.866517,408
Shelby County, TX2.61325,054
Cass County, TX2.344619,428
Gregg County, TX2.01,25962,594
Hardin County, TX1.979741,256
Jefferson County, TX1.82,726152,664
Houston County, TX1.320015,776
Upshur County, TX1.316913,080
Terrell County, TX1.2141,167
Rusk County, TX1.119217,586
Bowie County, TX0.736249,723
Hudspeth County, TX0.7213,088
Culberson County, TX0.6162,822
Dimmit County, TX0.6417,030
Marion County, TX0.6488,517
Cherokee County, TX0.413130,798
Harrison County, TX0.411630,678
Goliad County, TX0.3174,858
Morris County, TX0.3257,723
Anderson County, TX0.26528,403
Duval County, TX0.2148,958
Kinney County, TX0.262,984
Lynn County, TX0.2126,660
McMullen County, TX0.242,627
Pecos County, TX0.21610,270
Camp County, TX0.133,623
Frio County, TX0.11310,076
Gonzales County, TX0.11015,216
Jeff Davis County, TX0.132,766
Johnson County, TX0.110597,258
Jones County, TX0.146,002
Lavaca County, TX0.147,264
Maverick County, TX0.11223,266
Reeves County, TX0.1109,965
Runnels County, TX0.144,904
San Patricio County, TX0.14135,365
Wood County, TX0.11422,292
Zapata County, TX0.147,175
Aransas County, TX0.0421,585
Atascosa County, TX0.0427,660
Bee County, TX0.0413,783
Bexar County, TX0.012907,166
Bosque County, TX0.0114,069
Brazos County, TX0.055112,672
Burleson County, TX0.0113,268
Callahan County, TX0.048,340
Cameron County, TX0.04118,952
Collin County, TX0.033464,897
Comal County, TX0.0493,302
Concho County, TX0.012,864
Cooke County, TX0.0124,821
Dallas County, TX0.0271,131,564
Denton County, TX0.0110513,884
Edwards County, TX0.024,603
El Paso County, TX0.09680,365
Freestone County, TX0.0112,632
Grayson County, TX0.0579,457
Hays County, TX0.01134,226
Henderson County, TX0.0156,077
Hidalgo County, TX0.010340,012
Hill County, TX0.0323,902
Hopkins County, TX0.0127,482
Kendall County, TX0.0424,502
Kleberg County, TX0.0415,743
Lamb County, TX0.0312,699
Live Oak County, TX0.0110,328
McLennan County, TX0.01127,010
Potter County, TX0.0156,199
Randall County, TX0.0473,332
Robertson County, TX0.0111,779
Smith County, TX0.046134,458
Tarrant County, TX0.037953,278
Titus County, TX0.0715,866
Tom Green County, TX0.0568,898
Van Zandt County, TX0.0635,112
Ward County, TX0.019,169
Washington County, TX0.0144,595
Webb County, TX0.015101,236
Wichita County, TX0.0361,971
Winkler County, TX0.025,254

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OFF THE GRID: United States and King County, Texas Power Outage Tracker (2024)
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