MLB The Show 24 Releases Update 6 (2024)


  • Game Update 6 for MLB The Show 24 brings new content and bug fixes, including City Connect uniforms for the Mets.
  • No gameplay changes in recent patches; updates focus on fixing crashes, player name display issues, and adding missing elements.
  • MLB The Show 24 continues to improve with each update, ensuring a smooth gaming experience for players on all platforms.

Game Update 6 for MLB The Show 24 has just been released, bringing new content and several bug fixes to the baseball title. The most recent patches for the Major League Baseball game have not made any gameplay changes.

Players of MLB The Show 24 encountered a variety of technical problems immediately following the game's March 19 launch, including freezes and server issues, among other things. Since then, developer San Diego Studio has released several patches for its baseball title, which is the 19th installment in the long-running MLB The Show series. The latest update for MLB The Show 24 introduced new content and addressed a number of game bugs.


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The first change to be mentioned in the notes for Game Update 6 is the addition of the City Connect uniform for the New York Mets, which is among the best teams in MLB The Show 24 for starting pitchers. The April 23 patch fixed several issues too, including one that caused a crash whenever a player tried to select a team in the Daily Lineups on Jackie Robinson Day, and another that resulted in player names being displayed incorrectly on the backs of jerseys.

The changelog for Game Update 6 noted that there were various fixes to presentation and audio as well, but those were not specified. Much like the most recent patch, MLB The Show 24's Game Update 5 also made presentation tweaks. Additionally, it added missing UI elements to the defeat screen in Showdown and allowed postseason patches to be displayed on a team's hats should they be in the Franchise mode's playoffs.

Game Updates 4, 5, and 6 featured no gameplay or live content balance changes for MLB The Show 24. Past updates did rebalance the game, such as the one that came out on March 29, which nerfed San Diego Padres pitcher Matt Waldron in MLB The Show 24. Players had discovered that it was difficult to hit against Waldron in the game, so San Diego Studio increased the velocity of the pitcher's knuckleball and slightly decreased his break to make the throw less difficult to bat against.

The Game Update 6 build of MLB The Show 24 will appear as version 1.06 for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, 1.006 for the PlayStation 5, and for Microsoft's Xbox One and Series consoles. As all the games in the MLB: The Show series have only been available on console, it is highly unlikely for the latest installment to receive a PC port. Other great video games about baseball that are not MLB: The Show entries can still be played on Windows, however, like the titles in the Out of the Park Baseball franchise.

MLB The Show 24 Game Update 6 Patch Notes


  • New York Mets City Connect uniform has been added.
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Difficulty while player locked.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting a team in Daily Lineups on Jackie Robinson Day.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur after attempting to throw out a baserunner after a walk.


  • The simulation screen will now match the game scenario in extra innings.


  • Teams will now wear their City Connect uniforms for the correct home games during the season.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering Franchise or March to October.


  • Fixed an issue causing some player names to display incorrectly on the back of jerseys.
  • Various fixes to presentation and audio.


  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes at this time.
MLB The Show 24 Releases Update 6 (2)
MLB The Show 24

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March 19, 2024
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MLB The Show 24 Releases Update 6 (2024)
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